Skype Training

Thank you for your interest in Open Focus™ online coaching sessions via Skype.  Please be sure to have a Skype account set up and send us your Skype contact information prior to the start of your first coaching session. 

We are offering three options:

  •      Certification as an Open Focus Coach
  •      Certification as an Open Focus and Brain Synchrony Coach
  •      Open Focus Coaching sessions

Our Skype name is: openfocuscoaching 

The costs of the Coaching sessions are as follows:

  •     Intake Consultation: $295.00 
  •     Coaching Sessions: $195.00 per session

Certified Open Focus Coach: You will need to schedule an Intake Consultation session, as well as a minimum of 10 coaching sessions (a maximum of two sessions per day) with Dr. Fehmi, Susan Shor Fehmi or a member of the Open Focus Coaching team.  Sessions are scheduled on the hour and are each 50 minutes long.  For scheduling purposes, please keep in mind that we are in Princeton, New Jersey, USA on EAST COAST TIME.

Certified Open Focus and Brain Synchrony Coach: The above certification requirements apply, plus the purchase of the NS500sx Brain Synchrony Trainer prior to the start of your sessions. Please contact the office for pricing and shipping information.

Open Focus Coaching Sessions: There is no set number of required coaching sessions. 

Once your coaching sessions are scheduled, we will send you an Intake Consultation Form and a Disclaimer form.  The Intake Consultation Form must be filled out and returned to us prior to your first session; the Client Disclaimer must also be read, signed and sent back to the office before the start of your first session.  You can send them via email, fax or postal mail.    If you have any further questions or concerns, please call the office at 609.924.0782 or email