Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain


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“Dissolving Physical & Emotional Pain” (22:26 minutes) – (Also see Program #7) Program #6 differs from Program #7 in its approach to the dissolution of pain. Whereas tape # 6 encourages the attender to narrow his or her focus and dive into the pain and then open and bring pain into a more diffuse awareness and OPEN FOCUS after centering oneself in the heart of the pain. Tape #7 encourages a full OPEN FOCUS experience before one moves into and merges with the pain. This approach allows the pain to diffuse into surrounding awareness while the entering process is occurring. This has the advantage of decreasing the power of the pain to affect the perceiver since the pain remains embedded in the totality of awareness and remains a small percentage of that totality. This approach to dissolving pain requires less courage than the dissolving pain process of Tape #6.

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