OPEN FOCUS Attention and Neurofeedback Synchrony Training – Clinical Results and their Significance.


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Previous research on information processing by the human brain prompted the need for further investigation of synchronized alpha brain wave activity at five loci. The results of this investigation indicated that a particular form of attention was associated with production of whole brain synchrony. Furthermore, it was found that learning to develop this form of attending coupled with the regular practice of multichannel alpha brain wave synchrony were a highly effective means of resolving many common stress related disorders. Analysis of 132 cases using this dual approach of systematic
attention training and brain wave therapy found that more than 90% of the patients reported an alleviation of symptoms. These initial positive results with stress induced headache, joint pain, and gastrointestinal diseases were subsequently extended by Dr. Fehmi and others to treatment of diseases involving maladaptive immune responses, addictive behavior, attentional deficit problems, post traumatic stress disorder and epilepsy. It was also observed that levels of intellectual functioning and artistic and athletic performance were improved.

The authors propose that there exists a common mechanism operating in these widely different successful applications, to wit, attentional flexibility which is enhanced by systematic practice of audio taped exercises and neurofeedback therapy. Patients who participated in this program reported experiencing a release from their symptoms and conditional responses. The possible significance of this “release experience” is discussed and neurofeedback and OPEN FOCUS training are compared to other interventions which rely on peripheral modalities of biofeedback.


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