Equipment information

The NS500sx


  • Five EEG Channels with five on/off channel switches
  • Silver-Felt saline sensors
  • Individual channel sensor impedance check
  • Power on/off switch with threshold options
  • Batter Operated
  • Battery Check
  • Light feedback with time delay & thresholds
  • Sound feedback with time delay & thresholds
  • Synchrony training for two or more persons
  • Filter (4th order Peak) with controls for band pass adjustment
  • Reward filter center frequency display
  • Output to external digital systems



  • To be eligible to purchase the NS500sx, you must be trained and certified by Dr. Fehmi.   Please see Certification Requirments for further information.
  • By attending The Open Focus/Brain Synchrony Workshop, the purchaser will receive a discounted price on the NS500sx.  A no-interest payment plan is also offered.
  • By coming for a Mini Intensive, you also will receive the Workshop discounted rate.