Open Focus Practice Plan

The Open Focus exercises exist as a program.  These training exercises have been placed in a certain order to facilitate the learning of Open Focus attention skills. Therefore, it is recommend that people purchase and practice the exercises in the order that is listed below rather than skipping ahead to more advanced exercises. For best results, it is recommend that each exercise is practiced at least two times per day for one week before moving on to the next exercise. After spending a week with each exercise, feel free to practice whichever exercises produced the best results.


** Please note: If you have purchased “The Open Focus Brain”, you have the following exercises:  Introductory Chapters, Head and Hands and General Practice.  To complete the Level 1 series of exercises, you will need to purchase: Long Form, Short Form, and Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain.


1.       Introduction to Open Focus/ Introduction to Open Focus Practice

2.       Head and Hands

3.       Long Form

4.       Short Form

5.       General Practice

6.       Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain

7.       Dissolving Pain and Other Experience

8.       Joint Space

9.       Heart Centered Open Focus

10.   Localizing, Feeling, Emotion and Pain

11.   How Am I Paying Attention?

12.   Transfer of Open Focus to Daily Life

13.   Feeling in Open Focus

14.   Listening in Open Focus

15.   Thinking in Open Focus

16.   Seeing in Open Focus

17.   Racquet Sports Training

18.   Independent Practice

Open Focus attention training exercises are designed to be used as relaxation methodologies and for personal entertainment purposes only.  Participation in this treatment program should not be undertaken in lieu of proper medical care. Following the advice of a physician is particularly important because the effects of relaxation may interact with certain prescribed medications.